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Meet Arif Harianawala: NSHSS Emerging Leader Award Winner 2019

Arif is currently majoring in Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems at UT Austin's McCombs School of Business. There, he is involved with a number of on-campus organizations such as the University Securities Investment Team. He interned last summer in Corporate Finance for Keurig Dr Pepper in Burlington, MA and is currently working part-time at the University of Texas' Investment Management Corporation. His interests also include tennis, guitar, innovative cooking, and sustainability.

“To me, leadership is not a characteristic that one is born with. Instead, it is something that one cultivates over a lifetime of hard work, achievement, and empathy. Being a leader means not only being at the top of your organization's structure but also taking the time and effort to care for every member.” Since joining NSHSS in high school, Arif has had the opportunity to showcase his potential, earn scholarships, and serve the community as an Ambassador. “I have made it my goal to be a leader in every way possible. Coincidentally, I remember when Morgan Vasquez - the sponsor for this award - took over the NSHSS Snapchat for a day. I swiped up and asked her a question about BNY Mellon and working in finance, and she took the time to read my message, respond, and be as helpful as possible. Now, I am studying finance, have completed a Fortune 500 corporate finance internship, and will be working with a financial services firm in NYC next summer. None of this would have been possible without the leaders and mentors in my life, such as those provided to me through NSHSS.”



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