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Upcoming Events

New York, NY
September 30, 2023

**SOLD OUT** Join NSHSS in New York City and explore all Columbia University has to offer!

Atlanta, GA
November 10 - 11, 2023

Be honored and recognized for your academic achievements at this 2-day conference in our hometown! Join NSHSS at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia!

Attend an NSHSS Member Event

Celebrate Your Achievements

NSHSS Member Events are celebrations of achievement. We honor and recognize our outstanding members and scholarship recipients during our NSHSS Member Recognition Ceremony.

Attend Informative Workshops

NSHSS events also allow members to learn first-hand from university educators and partners through workshops and presentations designed to give members insight into the best ways to prepare for college and future careers.

Meet College Admissions Representatives

NSHSS member events feature an exclusive college and career fair where members have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with representatives from our collaborating universities.

Connect with Fellow NSHSS Members

NSHSS member events are an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded scholars. Networking activities make it easy to make new friends.

NSHSS one of the rare organizations in the world that appreciates all the good work that we do for our societies and for this world in such an honoring way, by giving us the title "leaders of tomorrow," by making us feel valuable with our accomplishments, and allowing us to stand out from the crowd. Personally, not only did the NSHSS provide financial assistance for my education, but it provided me with a place where I was fully valued, enabled me to meet inspiring noble individuals who shared their life stories, and inspired me to start with motivational speeches and activities
nshss testimonial tomeski

Igor Tomeski

Claes Nobel Academic Scholarships Winner

NSHSS has played a huge role in my academic career. NSHSS has provided me with countless opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Because of NSHSS I’ve attended Nobel Prize Week in Sweden, met amazing international friends, and am able to get a college education.
nshss testimonial farley

Heather Farley

Pace University Class of 2020, Aflac Scholar Award Winner

NSHSS has been truly incredible. I didn’t know the extent of the organization when I first signed up in my sophomore year, but NSHSS has gone perhaps farther than any other organization in widening my horizons and inspiring me to accomplish my dreams…NSHSS also helped to fund my college education with the Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship, which I am forever grateful for.
nshss testimonial kadavil

Raina Kadavil

Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship Winner, Boston University